Class Info
FitBeat is an aerobic, toning, drumming, and dancing class all-in-one.
Work at your own pace and adjust according to your fitness level. Chairs can be used if your mobility is limited. Sticks are provided.

Class Inspiration
This class is what inspired me. Check out the video: Drumming Workout

A yoga mat, a towel (or both) to sit on. Bring a water bottle. If you want to bring your own sticks, you can.

Comfortable, not-too-loose clothing

$6.00 per class or pre-pay class package $32 for 8.
Pre-paid classes can be used for this or other classes with Christy. Unused classes are not refundable or transferrable and will be void after 8 months of non-use.


What to Expect:
First time attendees will sign a waiver. You get 2 sticks. Instructions and modifications will be given. The instructor will lead the exercises without voice prompts. Lunges, side bends, crunches, bicycles, cross-knee strikes, overhead strikes, squats, and quick beats are all used to create a fun, full-body work out. We will work both standing and on the floor (or chair if you prefer). The class length is approximately 45 minutes.

To pregnant mom's: Please bring a note from your doctor to participate in this activity.

Kids under the age of 12 may not be in the building. 
Kids age 12 may participate with a participating adult.
Kids age 16 or older may participate on their own, after a waiver is signed by a guardian or parent. 

Need Other Info?
Call me, Christy Hays, Instructor 918-645-5905
Interested in learning more?
No Pre-registration is required. Just come join us for your first class
Cash, check, or credit cards accepted.
$1 service fee for debit or credit cards.
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